Imaging Moisture Meter With IGM™

Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology powered by a built-in FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging sensor, MR176 visually guides you to the precise spot that moisture may be hiding for further testing and investigation. Use the integrated laser and crosshair to help pinpoint the surface location of the issue found with IGM.

Key Features

  • Moisture meter with built in infrared camera
  • Pin-type and pinless measurements
  • Measures RH, ambient temperature and more
  • 80 x 60 resolution, 4800 pixels
  • Save up to 10,000 images with infrared and moisture data
  • Download images and reading for reports

    MR176 Images

    MR176 – Wet floor with moisture and environmental data
    The innovative FLIR MR176 Moisture Meter combines the features of several instruments to create the most complete moisture diagnostic tool available. Most notably, the MR176 includes a built-in thermal camera to visually detect where water damage or leaks may be hiding. Once identified, these areas can be double-checked and quantified using the moisture meter functionality of the FLIR MR176. Both pinless and pin probe technologies are included. Finally, the MR176 has the full functionality of a digital hygrometer, measuring relative humidity, ambient air temperature, dew point and more. The FLIR MR176 Moisture Meter can provide all the restoration information you need, from identification, to drying, to certification, and even record keeping.
    Thermal Camera
    The MR176 has a small FLIR Lepton thermal cameras built into the back of the meter. This camera produces a resolution of 80 x 60 (4800 pixels), and is sensitive to temperature differences as small as 0.15 °C. The infrared camera is an excellent tool for detecting water damage since wet materials often transfer heat at a different rate than the surrounding dry materials. With a good temperature difference (approximately 20 °F) between inside and outside, moisture in exterior walls is usually quite visible as a distinct pattern. A wider variety of color palettes and the ability to manually lock the level and span give the MR176 the flexibility to get the best picture under a variety of circumstances.
    Pinless Moisture Meter
    The FLIR MR176 Moisture Meter might be the only moisture meter you ever need. It includes both pin style and pinless style functionality, so you can use whichever is more appropriate, or change as needed for your application. The pinless detector is built into the bottom half of the back of the meter, and will penetrate wood, tile, concrete and more to a depth of 0.75 inches. Along with the ability to set alarms at any level, the MR176 can make delta-T measurements. So you can take a reading at a known dry portion of wall and store this as a reference. Then you can set an alarm to sound at any point above your reference point.
    Pin Probe Moisture Meter
    The included pin probe and cord plugs into the bottom of the MR176 to allow it to make precise measurements in many species of wood and other materials using the industry standard WME scale. An available hammer probe includes heavy duty pins and can be driven into walls and baseboards to get a better understanding of moisture content at a variety of depths. For certain very wet situations, or when a comparative measurement is needed, the FLIR MR176 includes a relative scale for the pin probe as well.
    Humidity and Temperature
    Further rounding out the functionality of the MR176 Moisture Meter is its ability to take a wide variety of environmental readings. The probe atop the unit makes constant measurements to determine relative humidity and ambient air temperature. From these it can calculate dew point, vapor pressure, and mixing ratio (grains per pound, GPP). The best part about the thermo-hygrometer probe is that it can be replaced in the field with a new sensor which comes fully calibrated from the factory. No need to send the MR176 in for calibration; just unscrew the sensor, attach a new one, and keep on working.
    Image and Data Capture
    By incorporating multiple tools into one, the FLIR MR176 is able to capture data in innovative ways. Instead of having your measurements from many different tools all over the place, the MR176 can combine any number of parameters into one stored reading or image. Starting with the infrared scan, when water is found the IR image can be frozen until a moisture meter reading is taken, then the moisture reading will show up on the left corner of the image. Data about humidity and temperature can also be included on the image, and these can be combined and customized as needed.
    Image and Data Download
    The FLIR MR176 can store up to 9999 readings and images, along with their incorporated moisture meter and humidity data. These are stored as bmp files, and are easily downloaded through the included USB cable to be used in FLIR Tools or almost any word processing software. The included FLIR Tools software is perfect for storing and organizing images, and will even create full reports customized with your logo. The internal lithium-ion battery is charged through the USB port, and will provide up to 18 hours of continuous use. With so many great features in one tool, you might just find yourself thankful for that long battery life.