Hi Tech Equipment

Below is a summary of all the tools that can assist in detecting problems in a Home Inspection that could otherwise not be visible to the naked eye.


  • DJI Phantom 4 Drone
  • – Aerial Imagery & Enhanced Roof Inspections
    – Aerial views of house/property and neighborhood for client information
    – For unsafe roof inspections, the drone can provide the required view of critical aspects of the roof materials, flashing, chimney tops.
    – Drone safety guidelines per FAA Part 107 are complied with; and proper weather conditions required.

  • FLIR E6 IR Camera
  • – Infrared Thermography
    – Can be used to identify moisture/air leaks and electrical hot spots during an inspection.
    – Needed for Home Energy Audits
    – Requires sufficient temperature differential to provide accurate results.

  • FLIR VS70 Videoscope System
  • – Small hidden problem areas and Water & Sewer lines in-house Inspections

  • Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitor
  • – EPA Certified results in 48 hrs

  • Inspectorbots 4WD FPV Spider Mite Robot
  • – WiFi control of Inspection Vehicle for all hard to get to locations.
    – Used for Crawlspace, Attic, Roof, small inaccessible locations.
    – Full Video and Photo capable camera with night vision up to 15′.

  • ExTech EZ40 Combustion Gas Detector
  • – Test for 17 different types of gas leaks

  • FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter
  • – Moisture contact & no-contact measurement with IR imaging