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We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing unparalleled Building & Energy Inspection experience for our clients and the Real Estate acquisition process. We are in our 3rd year of operation, with a focus on being extensively trained and certified to provide the expertise needed to provide valued inspections, while gaining experience on conducting +500 inspection during this time. Our philosophy is to provide an inspection utilizing our Building Science principles and Building License expertise with Hi-Tech equipment that allows us to go beyond what the eyes cannot see to ensure we find the potential issues that really matter to you. We our proud of the excellent Customer Service before/during/after the inspection. We also want to handle all of your inspection needs, we consider ourselves as a one stop shop to provide you with total Peace of Mind knowing that we are taking care of all your needs as it relates to understanding your home. Please see our List of Service & Benefits We Provide

Annette – Office Manager. Annette previously held her Michigan Realtor License and was Relocation Director for Clyde Hendricks in Grand Haven for 5 year’s. Her knowledge of the Realestate process has been valuable in understanding the needs of Realtors and ensure the Inspection related to a real estate transaction goes as smoothly as possible. Annette can be contacted via phone/text/email and looks forward to helping you with all aspects of the inspection services we provide.

Craig – General Manager – Michigan Licensed Builder & Inspector. Craig is certified by both ASHI and InterNachi the 2 largest Inspection organizations in North America. Craig is our FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Operator. Craig also has 5 years of Building Construction Experience. Early on Craig mentored with a 30 Year veteran Home Inspector/Michigan Licensed Builder on more than 70 homes in the West Michigan area. See more About Craig

Cody – Owner and Home Inspector & Energy Auditor. Cody has +30 years in the Corporate environment providing Technical and Project Management abilities. Cody is also a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) with InterNachi and trained in Colorado at the House of Horrors by a +20 Year (CMI) Certified Master Inspector. Additionally, Cody is Certified by the Building Professional Institute (BPI) as a Building Analyst and a Building Envelope Professional which provides us with a very good understanding how a home operates and energy efficiency understanding. Cody is also a Certified DOE Energy Appraiser and a RESNET HERS Rater.

Mike – Technical and IT Support. Mike provides us with technical support for all of our Website, Social Media, Inspection Software and Video and Audio integration. Mike has developed our website and continues to maintain it. Mike is supporting us with Drone Image and Video and additionally our Home 3D modelling capabilities. Mike is a web and application developer with +10 years of development experience , rooted in a design background, working to build amazing interactive experiences. Mike’s current website can be viewed at www.michaeladesign.net

Our Mission Statement

, which we put on the front page of our website. We truly practice this and run our business based on these principles.
PEACE OF MIND INSPECTION SERVICE mission is to provide professional home inspection services to the highest-quality industry standards. We succeed at this because we utilize cutting edge technologies that assist in providing non-invasive and non-destructive means of monitoring and diagnosing conditions that go far beyond the naked eye that conventional or digital photography cannot provide. We do this to provide the client with an unbiased, informed and an in-depth report that provides the knowledge needed to make an educated decision. To best serve our community and industry we maintain the highest integrity of our inspectors and support staff, and our commitment to being respectful. We are considerate of our community, clients and each other needs, and finally our passion for Continuing Education for learning the newest innovations of our industry.

Meet a Member of Our Team

Craig, is a Certified Professional Inspector® (CPI) trained by InterNACHI—the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (www.NACHI.org)—which is the world’s largest nonprofit association of residential and commercial property inspectors, and provides education, training, certification, benefits and support for its members. All InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspectors® are required to pass an Inspector Exam, follow a comprehensive Standards of Practice, abide by a strict Code of Ethics, and take accredited Continuing Education courses each year in order to maintain their membership in good standing.

Craig has acquired extensive home inspector training through InterNACHI’s rigorous Continuing Education curriculum, which includes dozens of live classroom, online, and video training courses, written by experts in their field, which have received more than 1,400 accreditation by state and governmental agencies throughout North America.

In order to become certified, Craig was required to take inspection courses related to the interior and exterior of the home, including the common and major areas of concern for home buyers, such as the foundation, heating and cooling, roof, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Craig is also a Certified Inspector with ASHI, one of the most respected inspector association and the second largest Professional Organization in North America. The Mission of ASHI is to set and promote standards for property inspections and to provide the educational programs needed to achieve excellence in the profession and to meet the needs of our members. Through ASHI’s continued efforts, ASHI’s Standards of Practice—covering all of a home’s major systems—are now part of many pieces of state legislation and are recognized by consumers as the authoritative standard for professional home inspection. Craig has passed the National Home Inspection Examination (NHIE) exam which is a requirement to become ASHI Inspector and additionally required by 32 states for obtaining an inspector licence.

Craig was mentored by a respected +30 Year Inspector/Michigan Licensed Builder on more than 70 homes to further reinforce the training Craig received by InterNachi & ASHI. This hands on experience was invaluable in the development Craig as a Inspector.

Craig has successfully completed his licensing requirement as a Michigan Builder further improving his building system knowledge and reinforcing his Home Inspection capabilities.

The State of Michigan unfortunately does not require licensing of home inspectors; however, the certifications and Continuing Education required by both InterNACHI & ASHI and his Michigan Builder’s License and the +500 Inspections are the backbone for Craig providing accurate information regarding a home’s condition so that the homeowner can be knowledgeable on making the right decision moving forward whether it is Buying a new home or maintaining your existing home.

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