Sample Inspection Reports

At Peace of Mind Inspection Services we utilize a Professional Inspection Reporting Software called Horizon. Horizon is a developed by Carson Dunlap, Toronto, Canada.


Because of confidentiality concerns we have examples of the Horizon Reports for your reference, so you can evaluate the formatting and style. Peace of Mind Inspection Services has been trained by Carson Dunlap in Toronto.
Professional Home Inspection – Sample Report
Home Probe – Sample Report
Commercial Inspection – Sample Report

Real Estate Agent Feature:
A Revolutionary App for Booking Home Inspections
Have you ever lost an inspection because you weren’t there to answer the phone?

AgentBook has you covered. This multi-platform App allows real estate agents to book an inspection with their phone in 10 seconds. Horizon recognizes your agents so they can book an appointment in as little as two clicks – they don’t have to identify themselves or provide their contact information.

This amazing App is free for both you and your agents. It connects agents to your company in a compelling way through Horizon, effortlessly and invisibly. AgentBook benefits include the ability to:

  • Book inspections in as little as two clicks
  • Inspections can be scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Build stronger real estate professional relationships
  • Increase brand awareness by personalizing the App for your business
  • Reach out to every agent – this App works with Apple and Android devices
  • AgentBook uses the magic of Horizon to make agents’ lives easier, and most importantly, help you get more inspections. You don’t have to be a prisoner to your phone, answering calls, texts or emails at all hours to make sure you don’t lose an inspection.
    Peace of Mind Inspection Services selected Horizon Reports because it includes the following desirable features to better serve our Customers:

  • A database of over 6,000 items. Remove and add items as you wish.
  • Ability to choose from over 250 title page designs.
  • Free access to over 1,700 color illustrations from Carson Dunlop’s Illustrated Home library.
  • Spell-check and completion-check make you look good.
  • Navigation report tabs on each page make for easy reading and finding what you need.
  • 27 Ancillary forms to help you grow and build your business at no additional charge. View our ancillary form list.
  • Report archiving for 7 years – no need to worry about loss of data or computer crash.
  • Ability to prepare multiple versions of reports
  • Free report upload and hosting.
  • Thousands of reference articles links to help educate your customers.
  • Instant email confirmation notices and report delivery.
  • Easy, secure report access for customers with no passwords required.
  • Implications are automatically added to help clients understand and to reduce your liability.
  • Report version history for Revisits, Summary Only, and Recommendations Only report.
  • Horizon includes access to a feature called Insight. It is a Defect Reference tool for the Home Inspector. Please see video showing the capabilities of Insight.