Residential Inspection


Buyers or Sellers Full Home Inspections Price
Up to 2000 Total Sqft $350
2001 to 3000 Total sqft $400
3001 to 4000 Total sqft $450
4001 to 5000 Total sqft $500
+5001 Total sqft (Each additional 500sqft add $50) Call for Quote
Multi Home Inspections Price
Two-Family House under 2000 sq. ft. $400
Three-Family House 2001 sq. ft. up to 3000 sq. ft. $500
Four-Family House 3001 sq. ft. up to 4000 sq. ft. $600
New Home Construction: Phased Inspections Price
Phased Inspections, 1) Foundation, 2) Framing, 3) Full Inspection, 4) 11th Month Warranty; packages start at: $500
Annual(w/full inspection) or Maintenance Inspection

Outbuildings >1000sqft $50 w
Move In Certified; Standard Inspection; Starting at $350
Aging In Place Inspection; Added to Standard Inspection +$100

Energy Audits


Home Energy Score based on DOE/NREL Method Price
Energy Score with Home Inspection $50
Energy Score without Home Inspection $150
Energy Audit; Starting Price Price
Blower Door Test Only; ACHn +$250
Blower Door + Duct Test Only, ACHn & Duct Leakage CFM25 +$400
Blower Door + Duct Test + Combustion Safety Test +$600
Full Energy Audit & HHI & ACHn & CFM25 & Analysis +$800
Full Energy Audit + New Home Phase 3 + Full Analaysis, HERS Rating +$1000

Commercial Inspections


Commercial Building Inspection Price
Basic Commercial Building Inspection up to 2000 sq. ft. (each additional 1000 sq. ft. add $150) Over 5000sqft call for quote. +$450

Ancillary Services


Certified Radon Test Price
Real estate radon test, with a home inspection $125
Real estate radon test, with-out home inspection $175
Certified Mold Evaluation and Testing Price
Full Mold Inspection & Testing

We recommend a full mold inspection that includes a complete visual inspecting and moisture testing for water intrusion, new and old. Suspected areas can then be tested for mold or to determine type and amount of mold. Mold testing will include collection methods such with an air, culture, swab, PCR analysis and tested by fully certified EPA lab.

We will issue a separate Mold Inspection Report

Includes 4 air samples, 2 culture samples.

Additional samples $50 each.

Air Only Testing

Certified mold evaluation by air sampling – includes 2 outdoor baseline and 2 indoor samples
Each additional mold sample $50

$250 w

$350 w/o

Culture swab/tape Testing

Certified mold evaluation by culture sampling by swab, tape. Includes total of 4 collections and testing

Each additional mold sample $50

$250 w

$350 w/o

All Other Ancillary Inspections Call for Quote



  • Please be advised that full payment is due at time of inspection. We accept Credit Card, Check, and Cash.
  • A pre-inspection agreement form must be signed and submitted prior to commencing inspection.
  • Book your particular slot as our services are on a first come first serve basis.